Educational Material

Background Info

With the project “Rassismuskritik praktisch – postkoloniale Lern- und
Erinnerungsorte in Köln”, we have started an attempt to focus on the colonial history of Germany. Germany into focus. We have created a digital map of colonial colonial traces in Cologne. In the article
we describe our reflections on the project and the materials we developed for it.


With the interactive map of colonial traces in the city of Cologne, traces of the colonial era can be traces of the colonial era can be picked up digitally and analogue in various educational contexts. The contributions are available in both text and audio format and are also accessible in German, English and French. The methods and approaches
and approaches to addressing the topic can be used, for example, for implementation in the educational context.


We have compiled a wide range of teaching materials that can be used in workshops. These include practical approaches that introduce participants to the topic of the colonial era. For example, we offer a discussion guide for discussing the heritage of the colonial era.


With this file we have summarised all contributions on street names in Cologne with a colonial reference. This gives you a separate overview of the respective contributions. You can also print them out in your preferred format.